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OneSync Trial run completed

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Hey guys 'n gals,


We have succesfully finished our OneSync trial here's some cool and less cool things about our trial run ;


Less cool Stuff first

- Scuff and Ghost cars like expected occured, some players we're instanced and some cars started ghosting.

- Server needing of more restarts.

- Performance loss -/+ 20 FPS.


Cool stuff

- Out of all the scripts I have on the build only 1 failed which has no influence or whatsoever (ez fix).

- We had a count of 40/40 with 8 in queue!

- No crashes. I have decided to maintain development on the 32 server slot, atleast we've given it a try and ya'll have experienced it your selves as well. With this decision I can ensure a better experience with less scuff/performance issues for all of you.


Kind regards,


- PassionRP Team.

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