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Changelog 12/29/2019

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Multiple job role support
Since we have 4 character possibilities it only makes sense for most roleplayers to have more jobs.
The system recognizes the roles you have in Discord.

Will list your active available tags
/onduty Shows an active list of all the available members of
/duty Toggle usage to show your self active duty
/duty again will put you off duty, if you exit the game it'll do that automatically for you.
if you want to switch between your different job use ; /bliptag 1-3

Every department (mechanic,bcso & ems) will now have a channel that logs the certain

Changes of Department Titles
- @👮 BCSO |
- @👨‍🚒 Fire/EMS |
- @👨‍🔧 Mechanic |

Every active/on duty member of a department will be listed on the game map and even the direction you're facing is going to be shown.

New Criminal Activities
-Truck Robbery
-A new mission EMS
-Helipad blip visible now. Mechanic
-Removed Benny's.
-Added new mechanic shop.

ATM Robberies
Balanced according to new economy.
Major Credits: @[303] | Lt. Newton @Ex-Trial mod | Apollo |



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