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Danny D. Ban-Appeal

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1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YummyTidePod69420/

2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: RDM in a bank robbery that i was partaking in.

3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: Nope

4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: I did nothing wrong, it is a bank robbery, there was no RDM.

5) Anything else you would like to add?: The banning Staff Member was TidusTZ and he clearly is not fit for his position because he did not talk to me nor even try to contact me before banning me for 3 days by going on only the word of a police officer.

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Thank you for your ban appeal.


I'm guessing you were banned for RDM because of your lack of initiation. You need to VERBALLY initiate before killing / shooting anyone. An example of this in a bank robbery would be 'leave the area or i'll shoot'. Please read the rules here @ https://passionrp.net/rules/


As for TidusTZ not speaking to you to get your side, I will bring it to the attention of the staff lead.


You will be unbanned in 2hours, which means you would have served a full 24 hour ban. As I stated, please read the rules to ensure this doesn't happen again.




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