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Ban Appeal

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I would like to be unbanned, i wanted a chance to go and prove that my mic worked, and ooc, i got handcuffed and i wanted to show that i had a mic but something was not letting me.

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1) Syv, jessmess8 
2) No voicebox
3) Never
4) because they didn't give me a chance to prove I had one, the game didn't let me, had to fix it.
5) Please I'm just trying to do RP and have fun

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Normally I'd deny this thread immediately because you didn't follow the format.

Since we've made a slight error on your ban length I'll go ahead and unban you now, however you need to fix your MIC before roleplaying. 


If you're caught wandering around the city without a working mic a permanent ban will be set in place. 

You are now unbanned.



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