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Drug system update

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New Drugs system

>>>New drug types





Obtaining drugs

To obtain drugs you'll need a flashdrive which is buyable through the blackmarket dealer, this will show you a location where you can obtain a high quantity of said drugs. However there's a group of criminals that aren't going to give their drugs up, you'll need to come with a little army to ensure you obtain the drugs. If you die your mission will fail. Cutting drugs down Once you obtained a brick of cocaine for example you'll need to cut it down, use baggies and drag your brick cocaine to the ''use'' tab in your inventory hud (F2). You're going to need some baggies to bag them.


NPC drug sales

Once you obtained the drugs and cut it down you can sell them to any NPC in the city.


Using drugs

Using drugs will give you a different effect per drug type, as example 'smoking cocaine' will make you run faster.


Using USB

Drag the USB to the use button in your inventory hud (F2)(edited)


Blue USB >Meth

Green USB >Weed

White USB >>Cocaine


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