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Whitelist update

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Dear Passion players,


Today we've implemented a whitelist system wherein we deflect random people from joining and RDM for that matter, see patchnotes below; 



- Added house robberies (read announcements for more information)

- Added new garage system (read announcements for more information)

- Fixed and re-implemented Tuner Laptop

- Fixed Meth & Weed

- New LSPD notification system implemented

- Whitelist 


House Robberies: There will now be 568 houses in and around Los Santos that you will be able to rob, providing you have the means to do so. These houses will have a range of new custom items, each of which will vary in value and can be sold at the Pawnshop (which has also been reworked and re-implemented). There is a safe inside each and every home that, if broken into, will provide items of higher value. Be advised, though, not only will Police receive notifications of these robberies, there is also a chance that either a Rottweiler or the Homeowner will be inside, and if you make too much noise things may not end as well as you planned. Make sure you go prepared, maybe even bring a friend (These houses can be robbed by multiple people).


Tuning Laptop: The tuning laptop has been fixed and re-implemented. This is accessible only via the Head Mechanic.


New Garage System: The garage system has been reworked, tweaked and re-implemented. Should be more clear and user friendly. This new system allows you to preview your car before getting it out of the garage, along with the following system:


Upon spawning in, all your vehicles on that character will be in Garage A. If you get a vehicle out of Garage A, and proceed to store it in any other garage, you will only be able to retrieve that vehicle from the garage you stored it at. For example, if you store your Nissan GTR at Garage D, no other garages apart from D will allow you to retrieve it.


Police Notifications: The notification system for the LSPD has been re-structured, altered, and is now more optimized. Meth & Weed: Both drugs fixed and re-implemented.


Kind regards,



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