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Server changes

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Dear Passion members, 


Our founder and creator 5co has taken a step back in regards of server management/running it, most of you already were aware of his recent statements regarding being burned out wherein he instated me as the server manager to ensure and upkeep the server including development.
As per immediate effect I have been instated as the server owner and I will be running this server with the current staff team together with @Sami  and @PorkyThePig


You all have maybe noticed that updating has come to a certain stand still (at least that’s what some people think) however I can promise you we’re working on great stuff me and @UltraTM  <3. 

As somewhat of a sneak peak I can inform there will be player housing with a lot of cool features such as sharing keys, setting up wardrobe and saving your vehicle in your own private garage. 


Furthermore as our development team continues I will see to push small updates in between and will have a better look at the server suggestions channel. 

My thanks to the founders for having the trust placed in me and the community as well, I will serve you all well. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me.


Kind regards,



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