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Unban appeal

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1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: Daichek 
2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: Modding
3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: No i have not
4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: Because i am not modding i have asked the staff member for proof yet they dont wanna show it and keep accusing me of modding i think that its really dumb since i have been playing here for almost 2 weeks and got banned for no reason and yet i ask again what is your proof of me modding there were 3 hackers today killing everyone and exploding everyone yet i get banned for modding when i did nothing how is that fair and when talking to the admins in discord they kick me out and still give me no explanation
5) Anything else you would like to add?: no

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We have no obligation to show you our proof, you were modding, I know this, you know this, if you wish to post a proper appeal then please do so, but this one is DENIED.

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