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Dean Hyde

Changelist 1.25

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Greetings PassionRP,


I have decided to do a weekly Changelist and will be posting it every Sunday at 1:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM GMT.  There wasn't a whole lot of time between my last update and this one so the changes are minimal on the website.  I have still managed to add some nice features and polish off some items added the week prior.  


Currently, the posts to discord from the site are on a 15-minute delay.  This will be instant once the API is accessible through the site. Also, I am only able to post content that is viewable to everyone on the site.  Once the API and OAuth is enabled I can post content that is private to private channels on discord.  Hopefully, we can get this sorted within the next couple of weeks.


Executed Changes

Feature / Site- Added Form to be filled out for Criminal Report, BOLO, and Warrants.  This is all accessible through F9 in-game.  Tablet - LSPD

Feature / Site- Added ability to set your country and Flag (Account Settings > Country). - General

Feature / Site- When Accepted into a Whitelisted job it will now set the primary role instead of secondary.  This will help the person who accepted the Application realize that they were given a role.  If the role was not given on discord then they need to sync their account. - LSPD/EMS/MECHANIC/DOJ

Feature / Site- Staff team has been given a calendar to post events.  This calendar will automatically post to discord within 15-minutes of creating.   All Superior staff members are able to use this calendar as well as the Events team  @Sami @simonwolff @Dean Hyde.


Improvements / Site- Changed Authenticator setting, no longer asks for Authy/Google for 48 hours up from 2 hours - General

Improvements / Site- Changed Authenticator to prompt only when "Logging into AdminCP" and "Logging into the front-end from a new device" - General

Improvements / Site- Character names are now added to the profile and displayed under your username. - General

Improvements / Site- Character names have been made searchable - General

Improvements / Site- Character names are now made mandatory and will force you to add one when signing in. - General

Improvements / Site- Character names are also listed under your user name in a post. - General

Improvements / Site- Added all Actively Employed to the designated Whitelist Job "Active [JOB] Employee Files" - LSPD/EMS/MECHANIC/DOJ


Fixed / Site- The applications page has been fixed to list all applications available - General


Removed / Site- Disabled the "Jobs Collaboration" feature for now.  This behaved similarly to a separate community for each Whitelisted Job, and It really doesn't have enough potential yet to be beneficial.  The feature may come back in the future once more prominent features are added.- General



If you have suggestions or find bugs please reply to this topic with that information!  


Thank you,



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