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TokoVoip Tutorial Guide

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To successfully connect and play on PassionRP server, you need to have to TeamSpeak and TokoVOIP Plugin installed in your computer. The steps below show how to download TeamSpeak and TokoVOIP, 

  1. First, you need to have TeamSpeak downloaded. You can download Teamspeak at : https://teamspeak.com/en/
  2. Continue installing TeamSpeak to your computer through the Installation Wizard. 
  3. Download TokoVOIP Plugin & select tokovoip_1_2_5.ts3_plugin at : https://github.com/Itokoyamato/TokoVOIP_TS3/releasesimage.png
  4. After downloading the TokoVOIP Plugin, run TeamSpeak as 'Administrator'.
  5. Continue installing the TokoVOIP plugin. 
  6. After successful installation of the plugin, head over to Tools > Options > Addons > Make sure TokoVOIP is 'Enabled' in the TeamSpeak application. 6GigdBz.gif
  7. Make sure you have a Push-To-Talk (PTT) key binded on Teamspeak.
  8. Connect to our TeamSpeak at: ts.passionrp.net 
  9. Go to Teamspeak > Self > Soundpack > Sound Deactivated (This is optional if you dont wanna hear people moving in and out of channels). 5U4TuZe.gif
  10. Join the "TokoVOIP Lobby - Join here". 
  11. Open up FiveM, connect to PassionRP server.
  12. You will then be automatically moved down to the "TokoVOIP - In Game" channel on TeamSpeak.
  13. Once, you're in-game, you will need to disable in-game voice chat. Hit 'ESC' > Settings > Voice chat > Disable (If you do not do this you will hear everyone in the TS channel).
  14. You can change your voice range in-game with the button 'Z'.


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Basic Radio Tutorial: 

  1. Type /radio and join a frequency (PD channel is 1, you will need to be on-duty to join). Only PD have access to this frequency.
  2. Make sure you have an in-game push to talk key for radio only (default PTT is 'N'). You can change this in your settings.
    1. To change your PTT key in game, go to Settings > Key Bindings > Hit Enter > GTA Online > Push to Talk > Set new binding. 3 -Anyone in your proximity, you use your Teamspeak PTT, people close to you will also hear you talking on radio, however they cannot hear who you are talking to. To talk on your radio, you use your in-game PTT.
  3. To exit the radio, you click the top right of the radio to exit the frequency which will notify you that you have left.

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