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  1. Diatro

    Unban appeal

    Character Name: Vinnie Costelli Steam Name: Diatro SteamID: 76561198157390085 What is the reason for your ban or mute?: No Initiation. Have you been banned from PassionRP before: Yes but the bans were unjustified and it always ended up in an unban. Why should we unban or unmute you?: I was driving around Pink Cage. One of my boys was on look-out on Pink Cage and told us that there's MC hanging around. Prior to that we were also followed by the Families. Me and my Capo drove in Pink Cage, to where two MC members walked from a corner. The of them were Billy Bob and Mr. Wang. Billy pulled out a gun and pointed it at us. We responded with "Don't do that, don't do that." and he started shooting. He got gunned down, and then we also gunned down Wang. We drove out pink cage and killed the remaining bikers and Green boys. Our heads popped but the scenario remained as is and everyone didn't mind at all in the end that they lost the gunfight. Before the fight, I was told by Newton to stop any gang wars that are going on at the moment. So after the gunfight, I spoke OOC with GrimHeadshot, the president of the MC and called off the war because of Newton's orders. After 30 minutes, I get DM'ed by Newton, saying that I did not initiate when I killed Wang/Shaunzy. I was fed up with was going on, and ultimately got perma banned for killing a member I had war with. I'd like to point out the fact that Shaunzy at the time was next to a colleague of his that pointed a gun and tried to kill us. It was obvious he was going to be killed right after Billy Bob shot at us and hit us a few times. This ban is unjustified and way over the top for a perma-ban. Anything else you would like to add?: If this is how it has to be, I'll try my best to not even talk and just stay as secretive as possible, and try to not kill anyone as much as possible, never roll around with a class 2 and only pistols and just not even fuck about. I spent a lot of time in this server and I don't see how I can be banned for killing a member from the gang I'm at war with when I get shot at by them, it's just unbelievable and I don't deserve a ban for this.
  2. Diatro

    Unban appeal

    Character Name: Vinnie Costelli Steam Name: Diatro SteamID: 76561198157390085 What is the reason for your ban or mute?: Community Resoect, Metagaming,Offensive Roleplay, Combat Logging Have you ever been banned on this server?: No. Why should we unban or unmute you?: I was never asked for my side of the story and got banned for a week. I was pulled in "Waiting for support" voice channel in PassionRP Discord and got told I will be banned for the reasons above. I tried saying why, but I got told that I should bring it to the forum and unban appeal. The first three reasons are very vague, and I'll start with Metagaming. I have not meta gamed in any shape or form whatsoever. I believe that metagaming should be proven with actual proof of me meta gaming something certain, the black market is a good example, I've looked for the black market for a total of 2 days and eventually me and the MC found it. After that day, suddenly a shitload of more people know where it is. I believe that there should be proof of that and I wasn't told if there was any or not. My second is Offensive Roleplay. I have not offended anyone through my roleplay whatsoever. I had not brought terms like race in my rp, nor did I ever deliberately say such things, if I say something in the city it shall always be IC and only IC for I cannot OOC in the middle of an RP situation. I admit that I had combat logged, there were times where I'd die on Mount Chilliad, EMS could not come help me, neither did I have any other friends that were able to help, so I had combat logged. I wasn't warned by a staff member nor was I kicked for it, so I assumed I'll be fine. Today I re-logged because of scuff and I was accused of combat logging even though I did not die, the re-log was just because of scuff and in case we get attacked by anyone so we'd have a chance, without scuff. Now for "Community Resoect", I have no idea what Resoect means but I assume it's supposed to mean respect. Firstly, how this started was, me and some friends were doing a drug run, we got the Merryweather one. Me and PandaOfTitan were downed, while the other guys jumped in the water and lived. There was 1 cop on at the time, Joe Soap or Wex, he came to the scene and got killed by Merryweather, EMS Karla followed up, and got killed as well. The remaining two guys got the cocaine presumably, and made sure that everyone went to the morgue so we can get revived. LittleFeet or Mercy Mae, the ems on LOA was there and she asked what happened. She then said and I quote "Oh the cops and EMS are linked with criminals now? I'll make sure the higher-ups know about that." to where I asked for her to listen to me so I can explain the situation, she kept on talking until I said "Bitch, listen to me." and tried to explain to her that they tried to help me. The word bitch was in no way meant OOC and was only IC. What feet did after that was tell her friends about me "bullying" her despite there being no actual proof of me bullying her, nor do I have anything personal against her, I was also harassed by one of her friends in DMs as well. Anything else you would like to add?: I accept the one day ban for combat logging. I just don't accept being banned for a week for something very vague.
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