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  1. Hello, we have reviewed the footage and logs and have accepted your ban appeal.
  2. Hi, Can you explain this? https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileSpikyNikudonDancingBanana
  3. sudokill

    Ban Appeal

    K - What's going to be different about your play style moving forward? You've made a lot of PD, and other folks, very frustrated. I really like you as a person, I think you're very cool and fun to be around - but it seems like when you get bored you start looking for a fight to stir up excitement for yourself. One thing you gotta realize, is just because you've made your session more excited, it's likely frustrating other people who are trying to RP over gunplay. So again - how are you going to prevent yourself from getting bored, racing around in your demonhawk (or whatever) and trying to pick fights with everyone. ESPECIALLY when you are all together with your crew (Adam, Oscar, Dant). What assurances do we have that you'll try something different with your character and restrain yourself?
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