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  1. SadSak

    Ban Appeal

    So Kon, if you are looking to create other characters to play in the boring times set up a gameplan. Tell me what the plan is to combat the issues. I want to see some thought put into it. We can go over it on a discord call if you'd like. Sak
  2. SadSak

    Ban Appeal

    I agree with everything Anderson says. Kon you are a super fun person and I enjoy you being around as well, but I want to see some kind of actual change rather than just talk. Talk is cheap and everyone does it. I know I have personally come to your stream to tell you to chill out and make sure initiation is properly sorted out. I'd like to see you around for V2 and a leader in the community because I know you are capable of setting a good example when you try.
  3. SadSak

    Unban appeal

    Hey @Diatro, I am sorry but your ban appeal is denied. Sak
  4. SadSak

    Banned for mic

  5. Here's the thing. I don't care if you are gay or not. If a black guy was running around dropping the N word I would treat him no different. Equality means everyone is treated equally and no one person is an exception a rule, regardless of race or sexual preference. You can come back tomorrow. Sak
  6. SadSak

    Ban Appeal

    Josh, I will discuss this with 5co and Newton. Thank you for your appeal and interest in the server. Regards, Sak
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