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  1. Newton

    Ban appeal

    To reply on above, I rather have you say "Hey Newton, I was being funny and didn't care enough to listen to the warnings, sorry for being an asshole about it" would rather suffice than the above for obvious reasons.
  2. Newton

    Community Meeting

    Hey Everyone, Thank you all for taking the time to be present in todays Community Meeting, we were pleased with how it went. To ensure we keep heading the right direction we will host Community meetings every Sunday, below more info. The staff team will be hosting a community meeting on Sunday, 29 March, at 8 P.M GMT and 4 P.M EST. The agendas of the meeting will include but are not limited to: 1. General feedback 2. OneSync program 3. Developer roadmap 4. Q&A
  3. Newton

    Community Meeting

    For the one recording this meeting please post the link here afterwards, thanks in advance <3.
  4. As commissioner of the LSPD I will attend with my command team.
  5. Newton

    Community Meeting

  6. Hi Everyone, it's a bit tough to keep up with both the website and Discord announcements. All announcements will be relayed to Discord and held there for purposes of communication. Thank you all. Newton.
  7. Hey guys 'n gals, We have succesfully finished our OneSync trial here's some cool and less cool things about our trial run ; Less cool Stuff first - Scuff and Ghost cars like expected occured, some players we're instanced and some cars started ghosting. - Server needing of more restarts. - Performance loss -/+ 20 FPS. Cool stuff - Out of all the scripts I have on the build only 1 failed which has no influence or whatsoever (ez fix). - We had a count of 40/40 with 8 in queue! - No crashes. I have decided to maintain development on the 32 server slot, atleast we've given it a try and ya'll have experienced it your selves as well. With this decision I can ensure a better experience with less scuff/performance issues for all of you. Kind regards, - PassionRP Team.
  8. Changelog Activities for Civilians! Long overdue we finally have some rewarding features brought into our city for all of you to enjoy; Hunting - You're required to travel to one of the hunting locations on the map and use the /starthunting command, bring a knife! You're going to need it for skinning the animals :D. After you're done hunting use the /stophunting command to stop tracking the animals (which show on your mini map). Fishing - There's a new reworked fishing activity made available, the new fishing method gives out a vary amount of species you can catch and sell. Weight matters! Cops be aware fishers need a permit in order to be fishing! Barbershop - There's a few new barbershops in town where you can get a few more customization possibilities. Mission Prices/Police Required - Updated
  9. Hi everyone! Our website is back online and we'll just continue along our way of things around here. Please note that this is a temporarily fix to our issue and we'll do our best restoring things to how it's supposed to run! Thank you all!
  10. Update >>> Doorlock system - Implemented new doorlocking system that's a bit more subtle. - Before https://newton.is-fi.re/2VRXqwX.png - After https://newton.is-fi.re/4yXchcZ.png Hospital Treatment - You can now get treated for $250 within Pillbox if you're downed (have your friends bring you) and a doctor will treat you. New imports have arrived! - Aston Martin Classic Car - GMC Denali - Lamborghini Evo Spyder - Harley Davidson FXDF 103 - Harley Davidson 2019 Touring - Aston Martin Leggera - Ferrari Testarossa - Ford Mustang GT Shelby - Toyota Supra 2020 The vehicles are very customizeable to your liking! All vehicles are early access for donators and listed updated above are now live in the city! https://newton.is-fi.re/5C7bym6.gif https://newton.is-fi.re/7q35QbU.png https://newton.is-fi.re/73QE7Uv.png
  11. Newton


    Update Blaine County Sheriff's Office The government has put the trust in the bcso to ensure the safety of our citizens. We have implemented quite the changes which are listed below; New PD fleet - We have added custom vehicles and liveries coming along with some unmarked units. - Includes new Police Helicopter New PD uniforms - Completely new uniform pack added with some extras. PD Flashlight - Slight chance in how officers hold their flashlight. Paleto PD - Added custom Police Departments with lockable cells. - Added in armory, vehicle spawner and outfit changer. Credits: Special thanks to Apollo, Shadow and Potter for figuring out the uniforms, thank you Grimz for providing the custom car models and liveries.
  12. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since we've updated these but a lot of development has been done so far. Some of the highlighted updates, more to find in our Discord :D! Update >>> New HUD - New sound for seatbelts - Sounds for indicator (use arrow keys) - usage of ``/toggleui`` to hide other stuff. - minimap enabled on next restart - Changed km/h to mp/h on next restart - Shows flashing red lighting whenever using emergency lighting - Removed health armor stamina hunger thirst icons - Added back old minimap status bars showing hunger thirst stamina health and armor - Changed logo - Added AM/PM times Emotes System - Added new emote system and updated the Radial (F3) menu with new emotes. usage ; /e | /emote (emotename) = to do an emote X key to cancel emote /e c = to cancel emote /emotemenu = to display a menu with all the emotes Hit `` ` `` (button below escape) to open the menu and hit cancel to stop the emote. = to display a menu with all the emotes/other menus /emotes = to display all emotes /walks = to display all walks /walk (walkname) to change walk style /nearby (nearbyemotename) to invite nearby player to a nearbyemote /emotebind (key) (emote) to bind an emote! **Compass with directions added** - Should help @Los Santos Police Department with better call outs. **Disabled med system** - Should help out RP wise. Hope you all enjoy **Live in the city now** https://awau.moe/63Rwya9.png https://awau.moe/8iNbBxH.png
  13. New imports Hi Everyone, This weeks imports are shipped off to the city and should be arriving very shortly! It’s been a while but hopefully you’ll enjoy these soon! -Dodge Demon 2020 -Tesla model 3 2019 -Audi R8 2020 All cars listed above will be early access for platinum/diamond donators for 1 week. We’re going to be looking for new shipments more frequently!
  14. **Changelog** >>> **Drugs** - Lowered price of baggies - Adjusted NPC sales of drugs (weed,coke&meth) ~~**Mobile Meth Unit/Old drug sales script**~~ - Disabled for performance reasons (doesn't run proper on a full server) and with new drugs system in place it's no longer required. ~~**Garage system**~~ - Has been disabled, old garage system has been put in to place with that the impound is back. Will be added at a later given time though, gives me some room to work with. **Safe zones** - All safe zones besides PD and Hospital have been removed. **FXServer** - Updated to latest artifacts has some improvements here and there on the base build. More detail @FiveM#4353. **Server** -Small security patch
  15. New Drugs system >>>New drug types Meth Cocaine Weed Obtaining drugs To obtain drugs you'll need a flashdrive which is buyable through the blackmarket dealer, this will show you a location where you can obtain a high quantity of said drugs. However there's a group of criminals that aren't going to give their drugs up, you'll need to come with a little army to ensure you obtain the drugs. If you die your mission will fail. Cutting drugs down Once you obtained a brick of cocaine for example you'll need to cut it down, use baggies and drag your brick cocaine to the ''use'' tab in your inventory hud (F2). You're going to need some baggies to bag them. NPC drug sales Once you obtained the drugs and cut it down you can sell them to any NPC in the city. Using drugs Using drugs will give you a different effect per drug type, as example 'smoking cocaine' will make you run faster. Using USB Drag the USB to the use button in your inventory hud (F2)(edited) Blue USB >Meth Green USB >Weed White USB >>Cocaine https://newton.is-fi.re/8gG6Njv.png
  16. Some tweaks/nerfs in effect for next server restart; - Added advanced lockpick (burglary item) to blackmarket dealer. - Price of advanced lockpick adjusted. - Increased odds for advanced lockpick to break.
  17. Dear Passion players, Today we've implemented a whitelist system wherein we deflect random people from joining and RDM for that matter, see patchnotes below; - Added house robberies (read announcements for more information) - Added new garage system (read announcements for more information) - Fixed and re-implemented Tuner Laptop - Fixed Meth & Weed - New LSPD notification system implemented - Whitelist House Robberies: There will now be 568 houses in and around Los Santos that you will be able to rob, providing you have the means to do so. These houses will have a range of new custom items, each of which will vary in value and can be sold at the Pawnshop (which has also been reworked and re-implemented). There is a safe inside each and every home that, if broken into, will provide items of higher value. Be advised, though, not only will Police receive notifications of these robberies, there is also a chance that either a Rottweiler or the Homeowner will be inside, and if you make too much noise things may not end as well as you planned. Make sure you go prepared, maybe even bring a friend (These houses can be robbed by multiple people). Tuning Laptop: The tuning laptop has been fixed and re-implemented. This is accessible only via the Head Mechanic. New Garage System: The garage system has been reworked, tweaked and re-implemented. Should be more clear and user friendly. This new system allows you to preview your car before getting it out of the garage, along with the following system: Upon spawning in, all your vehicles on that character will be in Garage A. If you get a vehicle out of Garage A, and proceed to store it in any other garage, you will only be able to retrieve that vehicle from the garage you stored it at. For example, if you store your Nissan GTR at Garage D, no other garages apart from D will allow you to retrieve it. Police Notifications: The notification system for the LSPD has been re-structured, altered, and is now more optimized. Meth & Weed: Both drugs fixed and re-implemented. Kind regards, Newton.
  18. Dear Passion members, Our founder and creator 5co has taken a step back in regards of server management/running it, most of you already were aware of his recent statements regarding being burned out wherein he instated me as the server manager to ensure and upkeep the server including development. As per immediate effect I have been instated as the server owner and I will be running this server with the current staff team together with @Sami and @PorkyThePig You all have maybe noticed that updating has come to a certain stand still (at least that’s what some people think) however I can promise you we’re working on great stuff me and @UltraTM <3. As somewhat of a sneak peak I can inform there will be player housing with a lot of cool features such as sharing keys, setting up wardrobe and saving your vehicle in your own private garage. Furthermore as our development team continues I will see to push small updates in between and will have a better look at the server suggestions channel. My thanks to the founders for having the trust placed in me and the community as well, I will serve you all well. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Kind regards, Newton.
  19. Heya, So to keep track of our recent/latest updates we'll from now on be posting both in discord and on the forums our latest development/updates, it seems most people are on discord more than the forums however I've also seen users coming in on the daily here. Changelog 02/10/19 More updates are coming in, stay tuned! Development team.
  20. who doesn’t like pizza?

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