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  1. Newton

    Ban Appeal

    @TearDrop you are now striked and restricted for 1 week time of appealing your ban status for not following the format two times in a row. If you fail to follow these instructions other sanctions will be applied. Kind regards, Newton.
  2. Newton

    Ban Appeal

    Please focus at all the questions asked towards you, they’re important for us to fully review this situation as a whole and make a proper judgement call. Don’t reply to me but towards the questions asked in ur next post.
  3. Newton

    Ban Appeal

    No appeal format used, denied.
  4. Hey buddy, Would you mind contacting me on Discord? Thanks.
  5. Closed, thanks Winston.
  6. Newton

    Ban Appeal

    No format used, denied.
  7. Hello, Your appeal has been denied, you just broke another rule "" Kind regards, Newton.
  8. Hello, Your ban appeal has been accepted, thank you for providing plenty of information within your appeal. Kind regards, Newton.
  9. Hi Nik, we here at PassionRP want to ensure a good experience for everyone, it seems you were not aware of our city rules at the time given of the ban. Please use make your self familiar with the rules we provide. Your ban appeal has been denied, please wait out your ban time. Kind regards, Newton.
  10. Newton

    Ban appeal

    Hello, I hereby inform you, your ban appeal has been denied. You have been kicked before you have been banned. That should have been your clue from the get go. Please make sure you're aware of our guides and rules. Kind regards, Newton.
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