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  1. Hi, Can you elaborate on what ur intention was when saying that?
  2. Hey Shen, I will unban you, hopefully you'll just avoid FiveM next time if you're not in the mood. Hope to see you around buddy Newton.
  3. Newton

    Bann appeal

    Hi, Like I've told you and your buddy's, your attitude doesn't fit in our city. You fail to acknowledge this your self, please re-appeal when you have a more fitting attitude for our city standards. (This means don't appeal this tomorrow again) Kind regards, Newton.
  4. Hello, we have methods to detect menu's, you've been personally banned by me. Your unban appeal is denied. Kind regards, Newton.
  5. Newton

    Why I was banned

    Hi Luxe, You're stating the following ; What else would you do different if you'd come to join the city? I will also be forwarding this to Potter since he was the banning party.
  6. Newton

    Ban Appeal-Don

    Hello, It seems you have voiced your self in OOC in our city in a very negative way resulting in your ban. Prior to your ban someone else was followed with the same punishment, I'll keep it simple for you. If you don't like our city you're free to go to any other, if you have feedback you bring it in the correct channels (either website or discord appropiate channels), you chose to do this in OOC. Your unban appeal is denied. Kind regards, Newton.
  7. Hello, it seems you fail to understand that OOC is not your shitbox to chat in to, you state that the toxic ban is a little bit of a reach because you didn't say anything cruel. Like I've explained to you in DM's you don't shit on a person that's asking for help, rather have you not reply in OOC at all. Because you fail to understand this thus far I will not accept this appeal, hopefully you'll learn over a week time that this sort of behavior is not acceptable in PassionRP. Kind regards, Newton.
  8. Newton

    Ban Appeal

    Hi Oscar, I don't usually take things personal and I haven't neccesarily done that in this case however I was dissapointed in seeing someone that has been around for a while to be taking a shot against me. However I've shown you and many others that I don't take it kindly, I genuinely hope you won't go down that road again or you'll have to face me for the consequences. Furthermore, if you do get banned for the same reason an unban appeal in the future will be automatically denied as the status will be set to permanent. Kind regards, Newton.
  9. Hello, you may contact me for an unban in my DM through discord, I will allow it under strict circumstances that this request will never be possible again. Kind regards, Newton.
  10. Newton

    Ban appeal

    Hi, At this moment of time I will accept your unban appeal, I hope you have had the time to better your self next time staff speaks to you. Please note if your attitude becomes a problem again you will be permanently banned, you may send me a private DM on Discord to finalize this appeal. Kind regards, Newton.
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