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  1. Potter

    Ban Appeal

    ''I was Banned by Newton because I was failing RP.'' - You're extremely deluded if you think this was the only reason you were banned. Let's not play stupid here, you know why you were banned. ''I feel that I would like somewhat of an apology from Newton even if I don't get unbanned (which I don't know why I wouldn't) because this situation would've never been caused if I would've been unbanned during the date I was assigned (11/25/2019). Throughout numerous times I've tried to reach an admin, nothing has happened, time and time again. Now, anything else I would like too add... I feel that before someone gets banned the admin should come talk to both sides, because I had my reasoning on what fueled what I did aswell, for Newton come in and just ban me without hearing my side is quite childish and unformal considering I had video evidence of my part'' - Newton doesn't owe you any form of apology considering the amount of reports you racked up within the first week of you playing on PassionRP. You have caused nothing but grief and annoyance to other players along with breaking several rules. All our staff talk to both sides before we make a decision on what's going to happen moving forward, so that's a blatant lie in itself. I completely agree with the action that Newton has taken against you and the friends you were playing with on PassionRP. ''I feel my time has been wasted waiting to get unbanned from a server that doesn't care about its player base or at least that's what it seems like to me'' - If you feel like your time has been wasted, why make an appeal? Go find another server that will put up with your childish behaviour. You're incapable of controlling yourself. Not only are you deluded, you don't even understand what the purpose of a ban appeal is for. The fact that you're claiming your ban was unjustified shows that you shouldn't be allowed a second chance on our server. You will not be returning to PassionRP. Go find another server.
  2. Potter

    Ban Appeal

    Your ban appeal has been DENIED. You can return when your ban expires. PassionRP Management Team.
  3. Potter

    Ban Appeal

    Your ban appeal has been DENIED. One of our staff members watched you do this which is the reason for your ban. PassionRP Management Team.
  4. Potter

    Ban Appeal

    Your ban appeal has been DENIED. If you're unable to understand why you were banned and think it was an unjustified ban, you do not deserve to return to PassionRP. PassionRP Management Team.
  5. Your ban appeal has been ACCEPTED. You will be unbanned in 5-10 minutes. Welcome back.
  6. Your ban appeal has been DENIED. Your ban will expire in 1 week. PassionRP Management Team
  7. Your ban appeal has been DENIED. You must wait till your ban expires - Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 11pm (GMT). The reason why your appeal was denied is due power gaming. You have been caught using the /drag feature in order to escape the jail cells in Mission Row. There has also been instances of you breaking out of the main prison without using legit game-mechanics. There is no jail-break script, therefore you should not be breaking out unless it is within RP. Power-gaming will not be tolerated. Your next offence is potentially a permanent ban depending on the severity of your actions. I suggest reading over the rules to avoid any further problems when you return. PassionRP Management Team.
  8. Potter

    Voax's Appeal

    You've said this to me before and it only changed for about 24-48 hours. Your ban appeal has been DENIED. Your next offence will result in a permanent ban. Do not make another appeal as it will automatically be DENIED. You cannot appeal your ban, you must wait till it expires. PassionRP Management Team.
  9. Potter

    Voax's Appeal

    You've said this to me before and it only changed for about 24-48 hours. Your ban appeal has been DENIED. Your next offence will result in a permanent ban. PassionRP Management Team.
  10. Potter

    Dyced Ban Appeal

    I have been provided with video evidence of you breaking rules by multiple players. I've also been provided evidence and sent a ton of dm's over the past week about you messing around within the PD, hence your removal. You will not be getting unbanned until it has expired. Potter. PassionRP Management Team.
  11. Potter

    Unban Request

    Hello, Thank you for submitting your ticket. However, your story doesn't match up to what I and another staff member spectated. You were exploiting a glitch and knew you were invisible. I don't take lightly to people who lie. Don't think for a second you're going to out-smart us when we were watching you exploit live. Since you've decided to lie on an appeal, instead of being unbanned or receiving a 3 day ban, you will now be permanently banned from PassionRP with no appeal. PassionRP Management Team.
  12. Potter

    Ban appeal

    Hello, Thank you for submitting your ticket. However, due to the reason of your ban you will not be able to access PassionRP. We do not tolerate any form of cheating. If you had read the rules to begin with, you would not be in this dilemma. Feel free re-appeal within 2-4 weeks and we may reconsider. Hopefully you will have learnt your lesson. PassionRP Management Team
  13. Potter

    my ban

    Ban appeal DENIED. You were actively looking to kill Police as some of your friends were issued bans on PassionRP. Due to this reason, you will not be unbanned until it has expired. PassionRP Management Team
  14. Potter

    dyced unban

    Ban appeal DENIED.
  15. Your ban appeal has been ACCEPTED. In future, please report immediately if a hacker has given you guns that you shouldn't have. Welcome back to PassionRP.
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