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  1. TommyD

    Unban appeal

    https://gyazo.com/a95c963fb7d19345e23457aab25c32ea As Explained Multiple times, i do not have a grudge against anyone - you confirmed yourself in the image above that the ban was okay. Myself, and multiple other staff have warned you MANY times about the way you conduct yourself during situations and you still have not changed. All of these rumours about PD vs EMS are completely and utterly false and have no meaning to them whatsoever - I have explained my reasoning to multiple ems 3 seperate times now and each time i get the same response: "Its not because of you Tommy". Instead of repeatedly bringing up this absolutely insane idea, i will willingly sit down with all the ems and explain the cops reasoning for each individual situation that ems feel insulted by. The server is Roleplay, there is a saying of 'Roleplay over Ruleplay' and we follow that closely - Instead of repeatedly breaking character, wait until a situation is over or do /report and ask for staff help instead of immediately going off on everyone else involved for what you believe to be the reason. The EMS is a Whitelisted Job and at the moment a majority of members within are treating it like a gang, holding vendettas against all those who do any wrong. Police vs EMS MUST stop, EMS should always RP, even when your feelings get hurt whether intentional or not. You were not banned because of some secretive PD, ems hating cult but you were banned because you repeatedly broke the rules and freely admitted it both ingame, in teamspeak and in my DM's. If ANY ems or yourself, haido, want to talk to me regarding how we can sort this unnecessary beef out, please do message me on discord or teamspeak. (I am available most of the time, unless im at work or asleep.)
  2. Yeet Or Be Yeeted Mein Compadres.

    1. Kitten


      That’s a tough one chief

    2. Dr Nick
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