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  1. Phone system (special thanks to @Ultra™ | Dev ) New phone system is set in place with quite the new features. - Twitter/Instagram/Yellowpages for social interaction. - Ability to create social media accounts and able to turn off/on notifications - Minigames for fun times - Billing/bank system integrated Sim card System - Able to change numbers within the game. Black Market dealer - Location changed. - New item added. Safe zones - Radius increased. TWT & Adv - Disabled both since it's integrated in the phone. New PDM imports - VW Polo 2018 - Honda Civic - Bentley Bentayga
  2. The evidence I have received regarding this report is linked below. After going through the clip and reviewing the story from both the parties, I have come to the conclusion of Not Revoking the ban, as from the video it is clear that the first party did start a VDM and they have been dealt with according to their prior infractions in the server (which is none). But as you already had a ban previously, you have not received a warning but a ban. I would advise you to take this time to go through the rules properly, if someone is breaking a rule against you, do a /report in game and if a staff member fails to reply, get evidence and bring it to the forums and it will be dealt with accordingly. Thank you for submitting the ticket. PassionRP Staff Team .
  3. HiMother

    Ban appeal

    Please use this format and redo your ban appeal. Thank You PassionRP Staff Team
  4. New ATM hacking system - 71 ATM's available for hacking all over the map. Anonymous twitter disabled - /anontwt command removed. Police Notifications tweaked - No more spammed gunfire notifications. - Notifications also get dispatched into chat.
  5. HiMother

    "nice h4x"

    Your ban appeal has been DENIED. If you were being honest, we would still consider your appeal after a certain amount of days had passed. But considering, you do not wish to come clean even after a ban, shows the type of cheating player you are. We have a strong policy against HACKERS and LIERS on PassionRP. PassionRP Staff Team
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