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  1. Hey @Smokeybear221, You have provided no counter evidence to your ban, and also put no effort in your ban appeal to explain why we should unban you. Nevertheless, you have been warned a couple of times regarding other rule breaks and this ban was essentially put in, so you could take the timeout and break and reflect on the actions that has brought forward this ban. This ban appeal has been accepted, but I urge you to go through the rules, and give importance to them from hereon forth.
  2. HiMother

    Ban Appeal

    Hey @Brit King, Due to multiple prior incidents on different scenarios, this situation resulted in a ban rather than an admin sit or you were not called in for a talking. I suggest you take this time off to go through the rules and reflect on the actions that have resulted in this ban. This ban appeal has been Denied.
  3. Hey @Styleddd, After investigating more on your case, your ban was a result of multiple reasons, you were essentially breaking ooc, constantly FailRP'ing and when confronted by an Admin, you disrespected the Admin as well. Therefore, this ban appeal has been Denied.
  4. Hey @nathan, Looking at your history and you having no prior warnings, I believe you have served the timeout that was required. Your ban appeal has been ACCEPTED. Although, I do request you to go through the rules and please follow them properly for any future situations, and would also like to request to follow the right channels to appeal your ban such as you have done with your appeal. Thank You.
  5. Please follow this format for your appeal.
  6. HiMother

    Ban Appeal

    Hey @Snicker3, I am sorry but we have in the recent months implemented an age restriction of 16+, so as to have a more mature players in the server. Based on the fact that you are below the age requirement to play on PassionRP, your ban appeal has been DENIED.
  7. HiMother

    UnBan Appeal

    Hey @EJ38, We have very strict rules of certain situations, so as to stop people from causing failRP and shit lording in many situations. I hope you have taken the 24 hours to understand the rules and hope when you join the server after serving your time, you follow the rules. As any further rule break will result in much harsher punishments.
  8. HiMother

    Ban Appeal

    Hey @Vito123, Can you please contact me on discord, as I will need some other details for your unban on teamspeak. My Discord handle is Hi Mother #6666.
  9. HiMother

    Banappeal Jagot

    Hey @Jagot, This ban appeal has been ACCEPTED.
  10. Hey @Gragdaddy, It is a clear break of rule for using the OOC chat for anything other than specifically for technically support for new players finding their way or to reach a compromise in a roleplay situation. You are to never break out of your character unless allowed by an admin, or take part in an OOC conversation while being in the server unless allowed by an admin. It is not just about toxicity but also about the experience of other players in the server. I will be accepting this UNBAN appeal this time, as it is your first offense, but any behavior in such a category is punishable with serious ban times.
  11. HiMother

    My Appeal

    Hi @Rahj Pataw, Please repost in the correct format, along with your steam name and ID. As shown in the format below.
  12. Hey @JacksonS66, Please contact me on Discord, my tag is Hi Mother#6666, to further discuss about this ban.
  13. Hi @Jasimml, We have got definitive proof that the exploit you did was not unintentional, as you did use the hostage to get double the money. Its an exploit which should have been brought to our attention, but rather you have used it to your advantage. Therefore, this ban has further been extended to a permanent ban considering the previous warnings and bans you have received regarding rule breaks.
  14. HiMother


    Please follow the format in : It is otherwise difficult for us to understand the nature of the ban, and to have the relevant information regarding the ban.
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