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  1. TearDrop

    Ban Appeal

    I was at the Funeral and we had planned everything out to shoot and kill the Ace family there, we had no intentions on shooting at ems I was the one to kill Jen but that was a missed shot that I hit when trying to kill Oliver Ace and from the angle I was to the left behind Oliver was Jen and my shot missed and hit her, I am very good friends with Jen and I wouldn't shoot her on any means on purpose, It was all in good fun for the last day I have been banned enough to where I understand the rules I know not to shoot ems on duty I took her to pillbox after apologizing for hitting her, I don't thing I should be banned for this it was an honest mistake, I thought Frankie said something to the Ace's so I shot at them after Frankie popped a first shot towards them I just wanted to hangout and we started to pop, we had it planned to hangout for a bit and shoot the Ace's.
  2. TearDrop

    Ban Appeal

    I was banned for RDM and I was unbanned last night by Anderson and Humphries banned me again at 4:00 AM and I don't believe I should of been banned because the Firm got themselves into the situation which is why I shot and killed him after they stabbed Sean who was helping us with the situation, I understand if you keep me banned till the time is over, I only have 3 hours later I just been wanting to play again, I have learned my lesson to listen when the admins tell you to stop the situation and let the admins take care of the others who break the rules and not take it to myself to deal with it. Thank you and have a great day.
  3. TearDrop

    Ban Appeal

    GOOSENUTS Boston Graves They said I broke rule 4 shooting a cop in the back I put the most effort into this server thats why I donated 50$ and some kid meta gamed and stole our gun shipment and only got banned for 7 days
  4. TearDrop

    Ban Appeal

    I was banned But for what I pulled up to the gold spot and saw blue lights at Maze Bank arena so I pulled up to there and the cops told me to leave but I heard Oscar and Luiz's voice so I was tryna help them and shots were fired so I was tryna help them and I came in and I shot back at the last cop that was standing If I just went in there the cop would of shot first at me idk why I should be banned for this they banned me for 2 months for that How come some kid meta games and steals our guns and he gets a 7 day ban but I try to help my friends and I get 2 months of ban [8:53 PM] I just don't understand what I did to get 2 months of ban [8:54 PM] I'm baffled I have followed every rule you guys have asked and I get banned for one mistake for 2 months I try to put most effort towards this server and I get banned for 1 mistake I just can't see the logic behind it the cops shoot first on sight with out a gun Officer Miller tased me and proceeded to cuff me just for seeing what was going on before and shots popped
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