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  1. Character name/Steam Name/Steam ID: Austin Cole/Dyced/76561198408829943 Ban Reason: "Constantly messing about. Had several reports today about you whilst away". Have you been banned before? Yes I have received a permanent ban, reason unknown, a 1 day ban for stealing a Police car and another 1 day ban for being a shitlord. Why should I be unbanned? I would like to first start off with the fact that I have tried my best since being unbanned recently to make roleplay fun for others and to take it easy on gunplay and aggressive roleplay. I apologise to anyone if that has not happened and they feel that I have been unfair in roleplay towards them. Today Potter banned me, explaining that I was reported multiple times today however I cannot recall any incident where I feel I was breaking a rule. I would like to see the reason for being reported that was flagged to Potter for references. Today I have been on my Police character in which I was involved in a few shootings in which the suspects upon dying shouted "I am reporting you", in which I dismissed as they were false reports. After some time Leo K joined the teamspeak explaining a few people have reported me, I explained each incident to him and he understood and didn't take the complaints further. I can recall someone combat logging and reporting me as he thought I was being unfair with an arrest. Another incident being someone stealing a police car right in front of me and I attempt to arrest them, leading to them trying to shoot without initiation and both being killed. The last incident I can recall for today would be a person combat logging 3 times in order to get away from roleplaying with him and him reporting me for "failRP" for arresting him in front of his friends. Leo K had dealt with the majority of these calls, Sassy was also in the server reading my reports on these individuals. I have also made many reports today as there are new players and I wanted a moderator to speak to them and explain them the rules as I wanted to continue my RP, that may affect why Potter noticed my name so much in the reports. I don't blame Potter for banning me as his past interactions with me have been mainly warnings and such, and I apologise for being such a pain in the arse Potter but I am trying to improve how I roleplay. I will accept my ban entirely if I am mistaken for these reports, but new players not familiar with the rules are most likely used to different kind of rules on other servers and perhaps thought I was in the wrong, hence them reporting me. It is difficult to not interact with people while on duty as Police Officer and some people may get upset for being caught or losing items, leading them to send reports in to grasp onto a win. Anything I would add: Like I previously said, I am trying my best to improve how I interact with others and not resorting to gunplay. I would also like to apologise to Potter for having to deal with me every day and to all the other staff having to deal with me. However, with recent experiences I can't help but think that PassionRP is taking a step back with moderating due to breaking character and reviving. I would've liked Potter to confront me before banning me so that I could've cleared things up or let him at least explain my situation right now. But I wish for the best for PassionRP as the roleplay is generally getting better. Thank you, Dyced
  2. Dyced

    dyced unban

    steam name: Dyced reason for ban: "5co said so" why should i be unbanned: im a gamer have you been banned before? yes lol extra info: love u xx
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