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  1. 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: Steam name is Gucci_Cucci Link is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087077856/ 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: All i got was (cheating) or something a few months ago when i was in the server for like a hour 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: No i have not 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: I know alot of people that play over on Passion and have been being asked to come over and play, Me and my group are looking for a new server to play on because our past server started to die out we are just looking for a good new home. 5) Anything else you would like to add?: Yeah i know Kywa known as Deuce in your guys server i know ainsworth the chief or whatever he is for the police in your guys server they can all tell you about our group thats trying to come over were pretty good people. Kywa also told me that 5co was already planning on unbanning me awhile back when it happened but i just decided to not play here for a bit but now we are all ready to hop on over here! :) So if i can get unbanned and we get the chance yall wont be dissapointed.
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