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  1. 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: Rexy Sexy, dragonhero21, mangoyu1028 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: It says baba banned me for "not talking to peeps and randonmly punching people" 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: Nope, never 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: I did talk to several people I met on the server e.g Michael from Med today, e.g Police who pulled me over . Also for details later but I was also locked with 4 people in the bank while withdrawing money and talked with those guys too. I have several people to prove that first reason for ban is invalid and incorrect. I only ignored to 2 people in the server throughout my 2nd day of gameplay. First is a kid in a bmw i8. He was the one who locked us in the bank with his car and trolled us. I was very pissed at him and he was following me afterwards annoying me so I just ignored him telling me to get in his car. Second person I ignored today was person in a medic suit(presumably Baba). I was infront of the hospital beofre my game crashed 2 times in a row after the chaos where everybody was teleported to same place. And when I respawned, I walked outside the hospital and I was held by the medic for no reason, and I could not move . But the game crashed again and when I restarted the game, I was seperated from that guy so I punched him as revenge for holding me for no reason. I thought he was abusing power to hold people. And he was pissed and followed me with a gun and I ran away. 5) Anything else you would like to add?: Other than that incident, I did not randomly punch people nor not communicate with other people.
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