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  1. Hello 5 :3

  2. Why was I punished? If you were banned, it is because you broke one (or more) of our server rules. We have a variety of different server rules, and because of this, your punishment can vary depending on what rule you broke. You can find information regarding your punishment in your ban reason as well as our rules section. If you believe you were falsely banned or you think you deserve another chance, then you can create a punishment appeal. Please read the below information BEFORE creating a punishment appeal. Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. We can only deal with appeals for the server in the appeals section here on the forums. In order to appeal your ban, please copy the format below and paste it in a new thread on the Ban Appeal section. Appeal Format 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: 2) When was the punishment issued and by which staff member? 3) What is the reason for your ban or mute?: 4) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: 5) Why should we unban or unmute you?: 6) Anything else you would like to add? (Evidence ETC): You must put effort into your appeal, one or two line responses will NOT be accepted.
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