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    Multiple job role support Since we have 4 character possibilities it only makes sense for most roleplayers to have more jobs. The system recognizes the roles you have in Discord. Usage /bliptag Will list your active available tags /onduty Shows an active list of all the available members of /duty Toggle usage to show your self active duty /duty again will put you off duty, if you exit the game it'll do that automatically for you. if you want to switch between your different job use ; /bliptag 1-3 Logging Every department (mechanic,bcso & ems) will now have a channel that logs the certain Changes of Department Titles - @ BCSO | - @ Fire/EMS | - @ Mechanic | Visibility Every active/on duty member of a department will be listed on the game map and even the direction you're facing is going to be shown. New Criminal Activities -Truck Robbery -A new mission EMS -Helipad blip visible now. Mechanic -Removed Benny's. -Added new mechanic shop. ATM Robberies -Balanced according to new economy. Major Credits: @[303] | Lt. Newton @Ex-Trial mod | Apollo |
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    Vehicles - We've added some custom vehicles back made by @FoxtrotDelta him self (legend) for our awesome patreons supporting the server! (they can be claimed in #requesting-perks ) Criminal activities - Added back Chopshop finally working now yay. - Another criminal activity you'll have to find out IC - New reworked ATM hacking script back in place. Mechanic/Upgrading cars - Changed pricing of upgrades which'll suit our eco a bit better. - Also relocated service menu for @ Mechanic |
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    Hi everyone! Our website is back online and we'll just continue along our way of things around here. Please note that this is a temporarily fix to our issue and we'll do our best restoring things to how it's supposed to run! Thank you all!
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    4 characters per account are now available! - This comes with a new character selection screen. Phone Update - Stability and defaulted some settings for every new user. - Added Mechanics phone number in the phone. Police Police MDT - This will be a temporarily resource as we are progressing to a much more detailed system. - Usage G in police vehicle. Police Fines - Usage, stand as a PD officer next to a player and do: /fine 300 red light offense /fine 200 speeding 20mph over You can basically fill in any reason as far as the penal code goes. PillBox - Added a more stable version of the Pillbox, checked this performance wise and the analytics show at least better performance instead of the too much detailed previous Pillbox. New properties & Real estate - Now available on the forum for request! https://passionrp.net/ Mechanics AI Mechanic - Be aware, this'll cost you $250 and this mechanic will only make your engine work meaning you still need to go to a mechanic for a full repair. - usage /mechanic Mechanic -Removed Benny's. -Added new mechanic shop. New Criminal Activities -Truck Robbery -A new mission
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