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  5. 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: N/A banned (Was Yuri Tarded before wipe), Firrimm, STEAM_0:1:127747673 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: Was exploiting Invis glitch, found accidentally then I used it afterwards to my advantage. Also lying to staff. 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: No, first ban was this one (perma) 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: I thought over what I have done before and have deemed my actions very unacceptable as I was warned before i tried to exploit, no punishment. I also havent seen a better community than this and would like to be able to play on this server again. I genuinely would like to apologise for what I did even though I shouldnt have tried after being warned. 5) Anything else you would like to add?: No
  6. Newton

    Ban appeal

    Hi, At this moment of time I will accept your unban appeal, I hope you have had the time to better your self next time staff speaks to you. Please note if your attitude becomes a problem again you will be permanently banned, you may send me a private DM on Discord to finalize this appeal. Kind regards, Newton.
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  8. errr

    Ban appeal

    1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: BizzLoc 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: fear rp, no inniation 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: no this is my first time 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: i had a misunderstanding with the fellow people that pulled guns to me but i took it to far and was in a bad mood to start off so im sorry for all the staff that had to deal with it. i hope to get unbanned and that u guys will give me a second chance. it is your guys decision to unbann me or not but i wanted to say im sory and it wont happen again 5) Anything else you would like to add?: im sorry
  9. Hey guys 'n gals, We have succesfully finished our OneSync trial here's some cool and less cool things about our trial run ; Less cool Stuff first - Scuff and Ghost cars like expected occured, some players we're instanced and some cars started ghosting. - Server needing of more restarts. - Performance loss -/+ 20 FPS. Cool stuff - Out of all the scripts I have on the build only 1 failed which has no influence or whatsoever (ez fix). - We had a count of 40/40 with 8 in queue! - No crashes. I have decided to maintain development on the 32 server slot, atleast we've given it a try and ya'll have experienced it your selves as well. With this decision I can ensure a better experience with less scuff/performance issues for all of you. Kind regards, - PassionRP Team.
  10. Multiple job role support Since we have 4 character possibilities it only makes sense for most roleplayers to have more jobs. The system recognizes the roles you have in Discord. Usage /bliptag Will list your active available tags /onduty Shows an active list of all the available members of /duty Toggle usage to show your self active duty /duty again will put you off duty, if you exit the game it'll do that automatically for you. if you want to switch between your different job use ; /bliptag 1-3 Logging Every department (mechanic,bcso & ems) will now have a channel that logs the certain Changes of Department Titles - @ BCSO | - @ Fire/EMS | - @ Mechanic | Visibility Every active/on duty member of a department will be listed on the game map and even the direction you're facing is going to be shown. New Criminal Activities -Truck Robbery -A new mission EMS -Helipad blip visible now. Mechanic -Removed Benny's. -Added new mechanic shop. ATM Robberies -Balanced according to new economy. Major Credits: @[303] | Lt. Newton @Ex-Trial mod | Apollo |
  11. Vehicles - We've added some custom vehicles back made by @FoxtrotDelta him self (legend) for our awesome patreons supporting the server! (they can be claimed in #requesting-perks ) Criminal activities - Added back Chopshop finally working now yay. - Another criminal activity you'll have to find out IC - New reworked ATM hacking script back in place. Mechanic/Upgrading cars - Changed pricing of upgrades which'll suit our eco a bit better. - Also relocated service menu for @ Mechanic |
  12. Update Vehicles - We've added some custom vehicles back made by @FoxtrotDelta him self (legend) for our awesome patreons supporting the server! (they can be claimed in #requesting-perks ) Criminal activities - Added back Chopshop finally working now yay. - Another criminal activity you'll have to find out IC - New reworked ATM hacking script back in place. Mechanic/Upgrading cars - Changed pricing of upgrades which'll suit our eco a bit better. - Also relocated service menu for @ Mechanic | Queue system - Updated the convars to match our #server-status bot which'll enable viewing how many we have in queue. - Removed everyone's priority queue which can be requested again in #requesting-perks for active subs.
  13. Changelog Activities for Civilians! Long overdue we finally have some rewarding features brought into our city for all of you to enjoy; Hunting - You're required to travel to one of the hunting locations on the map and use the /starthunting command, bring a knife! You're going to need it for skinning the animals :D. After you're done hunting use the /stophunting command to stop tracking the animals (which show on your mini map). Fishing - There's a new reworked fishing activity made available, the new fishing method gives out a vary amount of species you can catch and sell. Weight matters! Cops be aware fishers need a permit in order to be fishing! Barbershop - There's a few new barbershops in town where you can get a few more customization possibilities. Mission Prices/Police Required - Updated
  14. Diatro

    Unban appeal

    Character Name: Vinnie Costelli Steam Name: Diatro SteamID: 76561198157390085 What is the reason for your ban or mute?: No Initiation. Have you been banned from PassionRP before: Yes but the bans were unjustified and it always ended up in an unban. Why should we unban or unmute you?: I was driving around Pink Cage. One of my boys was on look-out on Pink Cage and told us that there's MC hanging around. Prior to that we were also followed by the Families. Me and my Capo drove in Pink Cage, to where two MC members walked from a corner. The of them were Billy Bob and Mr. Wang. Billy pulled out a gun and pointed it at us. We responded with "Don't do that, don't do that." and he started shooting. He got gunned down, and then we also gunned down Wang. We drove out pink cage and killed the remaining bikers and Green boys. Our heads popped but the scenario remained as is and everyone didn't mind at all in the end that they lost the gunfight. Before the fight, I was told by Newton to stop any gang wars that are going on at the moment. So after the gunfight, I spoke OOC with GrimHeadshot, the president of the MC and called off the war because of Newton's orders. After 30 minutes, I get DM'ed by Newton, saying that I did not initiate when I killed Wang/Shaunzy. I was fed up with was going on, and ultimately got perma banned for killing a member I had war with. I'd like to point out the fact that Shaunzy at the time was next to a colleague of his that pointed a gun and tried to kill us. It was obvious he was going to be killed right after Billy Bob shot at us and hit us a few times. This ban is unjustified and way over the top for a perma-ban. Anything else you would like to add?: If this is how it has to be, I'll try my best to not even talk and just stay as secretive as possible, and try to not kill anyone as much as possible, never roll around with a class 2 and only pistols and just not even fuck about. I spent a lot of time in this server and I don't see how I can be banned for killing a member from the gang I'm at war with when I get shot at by them, it's just unbelievable and I don't deserve a ban for this.
  15. Hi everyone! Our website is back online and we'll just continue along our way of things around here. Please note that this is a temporarily fix to our issue and we'll do our best restoring things to how it's supposed to run! Thank you all!
  16. Diatro

    Unban appeal

    Character Name: Vinnie Costelli Steam Name: Diatro SteamID: 76561198157390085 What is the reason for your ban or mute?: Community Resoect, Metagaming,Offensive Roleplay, Combat Logging Have you ever been banned on this server?: No. Why should we unban or unmute you?: I was never asked for my side of the story and got banned for a week. I was pulled in "Waiting for support" voice channel in PassionRP Discord and got told I will be banned for the reasons above. I tried saying why, but I got told that I should bring it to the forum and unban appeal. The first three reasons are very vague, and I'll start with Metagaming. I have not meta gamed in any shape or form whatsoever. I believe that metagaming should be proven with actual proof of me meta gaming something certain, the black market is a good example, I've looked for the black market for a total of 2 days and eventually me and the MC found it. After that day, suddenly a shitload of more people know where it is. I believe that there should be proof of that and I wasn't told if there was any or not. My second is Offensive Roleplay. I have not offended anyone through my roleplay whatsoever. I had not brought terms like race in my rp, nor did I ever deliberately say such things, if I say something in the city it shall always be IC and only IC for I cannot OOC in the middle of an RP situation. I admit that I had combat logged, there were times where I'd die on Mount Chilliad, EMS could not come help me, neither did I have any other friends that were able to help, so I had combat logged. I wasn't warned by a staff member nor was I kicked for it, so I assumed I'll be fine. Today I re-logged because of scuff and I was accused of combat logging even though I did not die, the re-log was just because of scuff and in case we get attacked by anyone so we'd have a chance, without scuff. Now for "Community Resoect", I have no idea what Resoect means but I assume it's supposed to mean respect. Firstly, how this started was, me and some friends were doing a drug run, we got the Merryweather one. Me and PandaOfTitan were downed, while the other guys jumped in the water and lived. There was 1 cop on at the time, Joe Soap or Wex, he came to the scene and got killed by Merryweather, EMS Karla followed up, and got killed as well. The remaining two guys got the cocaine presumably, and made sure that everyone went to the morgue so we can get revived. LittleFeet or Mercy Mae, the ems on LOA was there and she asked what happened. She then said and I quote "Oh the cops and EMS are linked with criminals now? I'll make sure the higher-ups know about that." to where I asked for her to listen to me so I can explain the situation, she kept on talking until I said "Bitch, listen to me." and tried to explain to her that they tried to help me. The word bitch was in no way meant OOC and was only IC. What feet did after that was tell her friends about me "bullying" her despite there being no actual proof of me bullying her, nor do I have anything personal against her, I was also harassed by one of her friends in DMs as well. Anything else you would like to add?: I accept the one day ban for combat logging. I just don't accept being banned for a week for something very vague.
  17. @HiMother You naught naught.

    1. HiMother


      hahahah legend my friend! 

  18. The long awaited wipe has come and we have done our absolute best to give you a new and better experience than before, we really hope you do like it. With the wipe we have also prepared quite the updates which will be released straight away, quite some will follow after as well. Due to the time restrain, many of the things are yet to be added, and will be added in the next couple of days. To give you some insight we'll list some updates in our change logs and some you'll find out IC (in city). What does this mean for my account? Shortly said, everything has been wiped clean, everyone starts a new character in a new freshly reformed economy. What happens to people in whitelisted jobs? (PD, EMS, Mechanic) Everyone in whitelisted jobs/gangs the rosters will remain same. Your ranks/jobs will be reassigned to you by a mod/admin. Is there gonna be another wipe? No more wipe will be done anytime soon, although there will be many hotfixes in the next couple of days. Therefore, expect many changes in some of the prices along the week. What do I get for donating? We're offering discount in-game for the properties and additionally housing that can be requested anywhere by you if met by our standards which will be determined by the head of the agency. Besides that you're going to be one of the few in the city with a custom made high quality vehicle.
  19. 4 characters per account are now available! - This comes with a new character selection screen. Phone Update - Stability and defaulted some settings for every new user. - Added Mechanics phone number in the phone. Police Police MDT - This will be a temporarily resource as we are progressing to a much more detailed system. - Usage G in police vehicle. Police Fines - Usage, stand as a PD officer next to a player and do: /fine 300 red light offense /fine 200 speeding 20mph over You can basically fill in any reason as far as the penal code goes. PillBox - Added a more stable version of the Pillbox, checked this performance wise and the analytics show at least better performance instead of the too much detailed previous Pillbox. New properties & Real estate - Now available on the forum for request! https://passionrp.net/ Mechanics AI Mechanic - Be aware, this'll cost you $250 and this mechanic will only make your engine work meaning you still need to go to a mechanic for a full repair. - usage /mechanic Mechanic -Removed Benny's. -Added new mechanic shop. New Criminal Activities -Truck Robbery -A new mission
  20. Approved under strict terms
  21. And i would like to add I will be gone for 7 Days because im going to sweden for 7 days to meet my dad and i would like to play before I go which is 20th december, Thank you
  22. 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: Haidar Brown and Andi Brown (In game name), Haido (Steam name), STEAM_0:1:172153080 (steam ID) 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: I kidnapped the same person twice in the same 20 minutes 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: Yes I have 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: Because I would like to play on my cop character and I dont break rules now I just didnt know that was a rule 5) Anything else you would like to add?: Yes please unban I wanna play on cop character that i RP very well and miss going on the server (I got 3 day ban btw)
  23. This update has majorly been focused on optimizing the resources in the server, and reducing the FPS issues that many players have been having. Performance After several testing for hours we have successfully traced back some un-optimized resources and the source of the main FPS loss issues. TokoVoip - Fixed Whisper - Optimized resource Overall resources - Analyizing resources - Optimizing resources - Deleting resources that caused performance issues (new flashlight for example) Staff - Has the possibility to ban you even though you quit the game. Maps - Disabled Court House map until I find a suitable City-hall in general which doesn't have too many rooms which cause FPS/texture issues. HUD Added a new HUD system and replaced the old one for performance reasons, this one is a bit more clean and minimized. - Will receive an update later on. Door Locks - Old Door-lock system has been put back in place. Robbery - Old Robbery (bank) will work like normal again. MRPD - Resulted in a bit too much FPS loss, will review at later point if it's possible to reduce some. Holidays Themed City - To get that cute 'n warm vibe going. Weapons on back - Once you take em out they'll display on your back. New Import - Added Tesla Cyber truck + Quad (only accessible for Diamond donators, we can't have too many of these riding around just yet.) - Credits to Newton & Shadow for this update. PassionRP Dev Team & PassionRP Staff Team
  24. Potter

    Ban Appeal

    ''I was Banned by Newton because I was failing RP.'' - You're extremely deluded if you think this was the only reason you were banned. Let's not play stupid here, you know why you were banned. ''I feel that I would like somewhat of an apology from Newton even if I don't get unbanned (which I don't know why I wouldn't) because this situation would've never been caused if I would've been unbanned during the date I was assigned (11/25/2019). Throughout numerous times I've tried to reach an admin, nothing has happened, time and time again. Now, anything else I would like too add... I feel that before someone gets banned the admin should come talk to both sides, because I had my reasoning on what fueled what I did aswell, for Newton come in and just ban me without hearing my side is quite childish and unformal considering I had video evidence of my part'' - Newton doesn't owe you any form of apology considering the amount of reports you racked up within the first week of you playing on PassionRP. You have caused nothing but grief and annoyance to other players along with breaking several rules. All our staff talk to both sides before we make a decision on what's going to happen moving forward, so that's a blatant lie in itself. I completely agree with the action that Newton has taken against you and the friends you were playing with on PassionRP. ''I feel my time has been wasted waiting to get unbanned from a server that doesn't care about its player base or at least that's what it seems like to me'' - If you feel like your time has been wasted, why make an appeal? Go find another server that will put up with your childish behaviour. You're incapable of controlling yourself. Not only are you deluded, you don't even understand what the purpose of a ban appeal is for. The fact that you're claiming your ban was unjustified shows that you shouldn't be allowed a second chance on our server. You will not be returning to PassionRP. Go find another server.
  25. 1) Character Name, Steam Name and SteamID: Steam name is Gucci_Cucci Link is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087077856/ 2) What is the reason of your ban or mute?: All i got was (cheating) or something a few months ago when i was in the server for like a hour 3) Have you been banned from Passion Roleplay before?: No i have not 4) Why should we unban or unmute you?: I know alot of people that play over on Passion and have been being asked to come over and play, Me and my group are looking for a new server to play on because our past server started to die out we are just looking for a good new home. 5) Anything else you would like to add?: Yeah i know Kywa known as Deuce in your guys server i know ainsworth the chief or whatever he is for the police in your guys server they can all tell you about our group thats trying to come over were pretty good people. Kywa also told me that 5co was already planning on unbanning me awhile back when it happened but i just decided to not play here for a bit but now we are all ready to hop on over here! :) So if i can get unbanned and we get the chance yall wont be dissapointed.
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