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Welcome to PassionRP!

PassionRP is a new roleplay community for GTA/FiveM. Feel free to look around the topics and discussions to answer any questions you may have.



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  • PassionRP Controls



    Chat commands


    Type direct - Local OOC chat (visible to those nearby) 

    /ooc - Out of character chat

    /twt - Tweet

    /me - Actions

    /ano - Anonymous Tweet

    /ad - Advertisement

    /pm ID message - Send a PM


    /id - Open ID menu

    /bug - Report a bug

    /report - Report an incident/player


    N - voice chat (enable voice chat in settings)





    F1 - Phone

    F2 - Inventory

    F3 - Animations


    F5 - Civilian robbery menu

    F6 - Job menu

    F7 - Invoices


    F9 - Tablet

    F10 - Radio animation

    F11 - Panic button (LSPD only)


    K - Wallet/job info

    M - Toggle big map

    Comma - Clothes menu

    Home  - View player list/IDs


    Alt+Z - Surrender

    Shift+Z - Hands up


    Shift+H - Voice range



    Vehicle controls


    F3 - Toggle doors/engine/trunk

    B - Seatbelt

    H - Headlights

    L - Locks

    Y - Open glove box/trunk

    Left/right/up arrows - Toggle indicators

    Down arrow - Toggle windows


    Minus  - Open stance menu

    Equals - Toggle drift mode

    Shift - Use drift mode


    /checkrepay - Check finance status

    /dorepay (amount) - Make a payment

    /kickout - Kick passenger from vehicle

    /race - Start a race

    /endrace - Cancel a race


    /engine - Toggle engine on/off

    /openall - Open doors/hood/trunk
    /closeall - Close doors/hood/trunk

    /hood - Toggle hood

    /trunk - Toggle trunk

    /doors -Toggle all doors

    /fdoors - Toggle front doors

    /rdoors -Toggle rear doors

    /neon - Toggle under glow on


    /extras - Apply/remove vehicle extras

    /livery - Apply/remove vehicle liveries

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